Hungerford Policies

If you require any further information or a copy of any of the policies below please contact the school office.

The Bridge London Trust Hungerford School Admissions Policy

The Bridge London Trust Disciplinary Policy 

The Bridge London Trust Whistleblowing Policy

The Bridge London Trust Teacher Performance Policy

The Bridge London Trust Sickness & Absence Policy

The Bridge London Trust Pay Policy

HSCCP1 Data Protection Policy 2015

HSCCP2 Health and Safety policy

HSCCP2 Health & Safety Table of Responsibility

HSCCP3 Home School Policy Statement June 2015

HSCCP4 The School Governance Roles Procedures Allowances Regulations January 2014

HSCCP5 Teachers Capability Policy 2015

101 Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

HSCCP7 EYFS Policy 2017

HSCCP8 Complaints Policy & Procedure

HSCCP9 Hungerford Values October 2014

HSCCP10 Charging & Remissions Policy 2015

HSCCP11 School Drug and Alcohol policy

HSCC12 Marking & Feedback Policy

HSCCP14 Off Site Visits Policy 2014

HSCCP15 Sex education policy 2015

HSCCP16 Positive Behaviour Policy

HSCCP17 SEN Policy 

HSCCP18 Cooking Policy Dec 2015

HSCCP19 Gardening Policy

HSCCP21 Cluster food Policy

HSCCP22 English Literacy

HSCPP23 Phonics Policy

HSCCP24 Esafety 2016

HSCCP25 Governors Policy

HSCCP26 History Policy

HSCCP27 Design Technology Policy

HSCCP28 Homework Policy 2015

HSCCP30 Outdoor Learning Policy

HSCCP31 PE Policy 2015

HSCCP32 Hungerford Maths Policy2017

Teaching and Learning Policy 2017

HSCCP35 Early Years Drug and Alcohol Policy

HSCCP36 Science policy 2016

HSCCP37 Geography Policy 2016

HSCCP38 Written Calculation Policy 2017

HSCCP39 RE Policy

HSCCP40 Music Policy 2016

HSCCP41 Admissions Policy

HSCCP42 Library Policy (draft)

HSCCP43 Equality Policy 2016

HSCCP44 Teachers Performance Appraisal Policy – Sept 2015

HSCCP45 Medicines & Allergies Policy (draft)

HSCCP46 Art & Design Policy (draft)

NQT policy drafy Feb 2017

105 Uncollected Child Policy

107 School Toilets, Toileting, Intimate Care & Nappy Changing Policy

108 Missing Child Policy

210 Young Carers Policy

701 Code of Conduct Policy

702 Capability of Staff Policy

705 Dismissal on Grounds of Illegality or SOSR Policy

706 Grievance Policy