The Green Team

The Green Team





Class 4M, Year4, studied the colours and shapes if the tulips and daffodils growing in their school garden.  They also observed how the flowers move in the wind.

The children went on to compose poems using similes and alliteration to describe the flowers.

“ The tulip is red like St George’s shield”


“ The yellow yolks of the daffodils are dancing in the wind”



Children from the Green Team and from Years 3, 4 and 5 have worked very hard to sow seeds in the poly-tunnel.  Seeds are very difficult to grow – which explains why plants produce so many seeds!

Once the young plants have hardened up – by leaving them outside the poly-tunnel for short periods of time – we can transplant them into the  raised beds in the school playground.

Many skills have been learned –  sowing seeds, caring for seedlings and  knowing how to transplant and harden up plants ready for planting out into the big wide world!