Please have a look at the handouts and videos from some of the workshops we have run at the Children’s Centres.  Keep an eye on our timetable for upcoming workshops that you can book on.

Sleep For Under Ones

baby sleep 2-12 months – Baby Sleep 2-12 months
camping out – Gradual retreat/ Camping out – Technique to help babies learn to fall asleep
changing babies sleep patterns – Changing babies sleep patterns
Child psych trust Crying_sleeping01 – Crying and sleep, understanding what babies and parents feel
controlled comforting – Controlled comforting – technique to help babies learn that it is time to sleep
phasing out night feeds – phasing out night feeds
tiredness signs – Signs of tiredness in babies

Final Sleep Wkshop Hungerford Mar 2017  – presentation slides from the workshop


Encouraging (more) Positive Behaviour in Toddlers

This workshop is for parents wanting to know how to get the best behaviour from their toddlers. It starts with information about typical toddler development. Did you know that developmentally we expect toddler’s to find it difficult to share? Watch the video below to find out more.

Typical Toddler Development video:


The workshop also introduces strategies of play, praise, ignore and timeout to calm down. It is important to remember that strategies like ignoring and timeout will be less effective if parents do not play with and praise children for the small things they do.


This workshop uses ideas and guidance from The Incredible Years by Carolyn Webster Stratton. This book is available in local libraries.

Please have a look at these handouts:

Tempers & Tears in the Twos & Threes
Sibling Rivalry
Count to Ten


Getting Ready for Nursery or School

We know that a child going to a nursery or school for the first time can raise all sorts of emotions and worries for parents, as well as children. The aim of this workshop is to give you information about preparing your child and yourself for their move to nursery or primary school.

Separations and Changes in the Early Years -Understanding the anxieties of parents and children from birth to four years

The Child’s Experience of Primary School

Top Tips for Preparing for School

Get ready for school workshop presentation